The Pictionary ('Drawing Games') Bedroom (6 Twins/Bunk Beds)

A Room That Draws Attention

This colorful and comfortable room is a tribute to games that involve little more than a pen & some paper i.e. Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, Cranium, and...Pictionary.

Around the room, you'll find dozens of painted re-creations of drawings contributed by Pictionary players of all ages. As in the real game, your mission is to try to guess what each "artist" drew. If you get stuck, the answers are in the closet!

When you're ready to make your own creation, dry erase "drawing boards" are ready for you!...

The Pictionary Bedroom features 6 comfortable twin beds (two triple-level bunks), a flat screen TV, DVD player, and an ensuite bathroom with shower & tub. There's even an in-wall etch-a-sketch in the bathroom---as a throwback to the drawing games of yesteryear!

From a Tic-Tac-Toe board played with actual velcro Tic-Tac boxes on a giant "toe"... to board games, drawing contests, DirectTV, and whimsical art, guests of all ages find plenty of enjoy in the Pictionary/Drawing Games bedroom!

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