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The Great Escape Lakeside features the world's ONLY "escape room" game found inside of a home. There are hundreds of popular escape rooms in commercial attractions around the world's major cities (and even one or two on cruise ships!)---but this is the first time one's ever been put in a house! Escape Authority actually ranked us as one of the BEST Escape Rooms...ANYWHERE! Check out their write-up HERE. There's no additional fee to play it (though a similar attraction would cost you about $30 per person in Orlando!)

To begin the game, you'll "lock" yourselves inside the Clue bedroom/bathroom wing and will only be able to exit when you've solved all of the mysteries, puzzles, and you've figured out the final code to open the doors. A short video introduction will brief you on the particulars of gaplay. As in the popular board game "CLUE," the objective is to find out which character committed murder, with which weapon, and in which room of the Clue Mansion. There are 18 hidden clue cards but only 5 of them can be found by simply investigating the Clue rooms. The other 13 cards are securely locked away and you'll need to locate secret keys, uncover padlock combinations, and use various other tools to find them. This can only be done by carefully working in teams to solve riddles, puzzles, and other mental challenges. On a large magnetic board, you'll keep track of which Clue cards you find around the rooms and, by process of elimination, you'll rule out the suspects/weapon cards/location cards as you find them.

Most guests do not complete the entire escape room in under an hour but have so much fun trying that they choose to keep going until they make it all the way to the end.

To date, the FASTEST group made it through in about 50 minutes.

A custom-programmed Android tablet serves as "game master"--keeping track of your time and offering you two free hints/clues (and then penalizing you 5 minutes for each hint/clue thereafter).


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