The Mind Games Bedroom (King-Sized Bed)

An A-MAZE-Ing Room...

BRAIN TEASER: "I'm Tall When I'm Young and I'm Short When I'm Old. What Am I?...................A Candle!"

It's almost as difficult to capture this bedroom suite's "wow" factor on camera as it is to solve the many puzzles & brain teasers that decorate its walls (and ceiling!).

You'll find larger-than-life Sudoku, crosswords, word scrambles, a maze, mind-pending visuals, strategy games, cube puzzles, & more! There's even a brain teaser that, if solved correctly, will win you $50 off your next stay! If that one's too tricky, you'll find plenty of less challenging riddles on the ceiling--Answer key for those can be found the closet!

The floor is white! One wall is red. One wall is blue. One wall is green. One wall is yellow...and the ceiling is..Did you guess it?: Orange! Everything about this ensuite bathroom w/ shower & tub is like being inside of a larger-than-life Rubik Cube- a perfect match for the Mind Games Bedroom.

The Mind Games & Rubik Suite also features a high-end, super comfortable King-sized bed, flat screen TV, DVD player, and tons of games that will make you scratch your head and say "ah-hah!"

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