The Pac-Man/ Classic Video Games Bedroom (Queen Bed)

Step into a 360 degree Pac-Man maze like no other. Our jaw-dropping Pac-Man bedroom boasts an extremely comfortable round Queen-sized bed, flat screen TV, DVD player, ensuite 80's video game themed bathroom w/ shower & tub, extensive memorabilia from various classic games, an actual coin-op arcade machine, and two smaller "old school" style TVs with some of the earliest classic video game consoles set-up bedside in custom-made Pac-Man inspired furniture.

Play dozens of classic game cartridges on an original Atari 2600 or Intellivision Video Game System. (Intellivision competed with Atari in the early 80s and was typically considered to be the "better" of the two consoles...but ultimately lost the marketing war to Atari!)

Use paddles, joysticks, and other classic controllers to enjoy timeless hits like Frogger, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, & so many others!

The Pac-Man bedroom's theme is vividly detailed in "wow" fashion. One blade of the ceiling fan even has Pac-Man on it while the others have his colorful nemeses. When powered on, they spin endlessly chasing each other---poetically signifying the never-ending success of Pac-Man, the game. Look out the window, and there's even a trail of dots painted on the roof, carving a path for Pac-Man...who is running away from his admirer, Ms. Pac-Man. Stare closely at the stand-up arcade machine and you'll notice two "I got next" quarters permanently affixed to the front plate. The bathroom shower curtain colorfully depicts a scene from Galaga--in an artsy Lite Brite fashion. Above the shower, the classic intermission scene in which Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man first gorgeously rendered.

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