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Please see our floor plan for a layout of the King/Queen/Twin/Bunk beds in our 13 bedrooms. Those beds sleep the first 34 people. The twin beds in the War Games & Monopoly Bedrooms can be combined to become Kings. Additionally, The Great Escape has 6 twin tri-fold OR rollaway beds and 2 twin sleeper sofa beds. There's also 1 futon and at least additional 2 people usually sleep comfortably in the Jumanji theater where the luxury seats fully recline like beds. (Teens & young adults, in particular, like to fall asleep in the theater while watching movies until the wee hours). In sum, our permanent beds sleep 34, and you can get 11 more in our sleeper sofas, tri-folds or rollaways, etc;
Absolutely! The Great Escape Lakeside is a high-end 13 bedroom lakefront home with superior finishes and extremely comfortable bedding. The 40,000 gallon pool is huge and provides limitless opportunities for extreme relaxation. We often rent to adults-only groups who choose The Great Escape for company retreats, SuperBowl events, milestone birthdays, etc; Our adult clientele LOVES the waterfront, fishing, canoeing, the outdoor kitchen, the deluxe movie theater, etc; Most adults also are emphatic about the giant word search wall, the CLUE Escape room game, and the TV Game Show Studio. After all, who doesn't like competing to be first to hit the buzzers in a high-intensity game of Jeopardy or Family Feud? Human Foosball is another fun team builder in which adults have to work together to compete against like-minded opponents. In short, there's absolutely nothing at The Great Escape that fails to "wow" adults-only groups...whether you're looking to just hold meetings in the formal areas, spend your days alternating between poolside loungers and the lazy river, do some boating, or even enjoy some of our larger-than-life games & activities, you'll find that everyone in your group absolutely LOVES The Great Escape Lakeside--regardless of their age.
Simply put: Children will have an unforgettable time and experience something fun, wonderful, and even inspiring. We receive reports all the time from clients who tell us that they asked their kids mid-stay if they'd prefer to stay "home" at Great Escape or go to Disney...and the kids choose Great Escape...every time. From small toddlers to grade schoolers, younger guests will find themselves surrounded by activities and "wow" areas that capture their full attention and imagination. They'll spend hours trying their hands at our giant OPERATION game, creating works of art on our giant LITE BRITE wall, competing in Pictionary, participating in events at the TV Game Show Studio, swimming in the lazy river, using the kiddy waterslide, trying to move our giant teak chess pieces, watching family movies in the Jumanji theater, going out on our 5 person pedal boat, scoring better in our laser maze than the older kids (because they're so small they can walk right under more of the lasers without much effort!), playing video games, singing karaoke, and so much more...
Your teenagers will be posting non-stop photos and information via social media (The Great Escape has great wi-fi!)--bragging about where they are to their friends & followers. Teens LOVE the pool, go nuts over the giant waterslide, can't get enough of the multi-speed lazy river, adore human bowling, enjoy soccer billiards, go ga-ga over human foosball, competitively play our other sporting activities, chillax with our abundance of video games, test their skills at the laser maze, attempt to make it through the CLUE Escape Room Game, get themselves VERY into the TV game show studio, spend time in Trivia Hall...sing their hearts out at karaoke, try in vain to complete the world's largest word search.... and they usually have to be pulled out of the Jumanji movie theater. They can even Bluetooth their music to any of our sound systems so your whole family can hear all of their favorite songs! Like everyone else in your group, teenagers never seen anything like The Great Escape (because it doesn't exist anywhere else!)--and they'll have dropped jaws from the moment they first arrive.
Yes! It's a fully stocked kitchen!-- We have all common appliances you'd expect to find in the kitchen of an upscale home plus a few extras. There's also a coffee maker and a Keurig, as well as silverware & service for dozens and dozens and dozens of people. There's even a second/spare refrigerator in the garage for additional food storage. Additionally, our outdoor kitchen has service for many dozens of people AND has an extra dishwasher and even an ice machine!
Yes! We have two high chair attachments and three pack-n-play cribs on site!
We provide towels in abundance! All bathrooms come with a complete set and we also provide each guest with over 40 pool towels!
During the off season, renting The Great Escape Lakeside is $1495/night + $888 departure cleaning and 11% tax. In peak season (summers and certain major holidays), it's $1695/night+ tax & cleaning. Mid-Season's (certain February-April Spring Break weeks) base rate is $1595/night....In all seasons, it's an additional $185 for weekend nights. A flat $488 amenities fee is added to all bookings to cover frequent replacement of linens and a number of other maintenance items that require periodic attention to keep the estate looking so amazing! If you're booking a 3 night Friday-Monday stay during the off season, you would calculate your total price as follows:  2 weekend nights at $1680/ea= $3360 + $1495 (for Sunday night) + $888 departure cleaning + $488 amenities fee + 11% tax= $6,916.41.  The deposit to hold a reservation is 30% of your total and the balance isn't due until 2 weeks prior to check-in. That price grants you exclusive rights to the entire 10 acre lakefront estate, sleeping space for up to 45 guests, boating, fishing, pool/lazy river/hot tub/waterslide use, unlimited laser maze & escape room game play, and all of the dozens of other amenities listed on this site! Click here to enter your dates for an exact quote from our rate calculator.
While we understand that some consider negotiating to be a commonly accepted way of doing business, it's simply not our way! To keep our prices simple and fair to all, the rates we advertise are the actual and final prices that everyone pays. Remember: It's almost always more cost effective to rent The Great Escape Lakeside than it would be to rent a comparable number of nice hotel rooms and when you consider the abundance of entertainment amenities you get to enjoy at Great Escape, you'll surely find that our rates are extremely fair.
Comparing other vacation rentals to The Great Escape Lakeside would be like comparing a Monopoly tournament to a knitting class! Along with our sister properties, The Sweet Escape House & The Ever After Estate, we're truly in a class by ourselves. No one who charges less has our sleeping capacity, hardly any have our acreage, and certainly no other home has our unique level of "wow" amenities & attractions. From the laser maze to our giant waterslide, full-escale escape room game, word search wall, arcades, movie theater, outdoor kitchen, lazy river, boats, dock, sports courts, and beyond, no expense has been spared at The Great Escape Lakeside when it comes to making sure we've created the WORLD'S most unique and entertaining luxury estate rental. Any other you might rent is really.... "just a house."
Standard check-in is 4pm and standard check-out is 10am. We often have same-day guest transitions and our housekeeping, pool, & maintenance crews definitely need every minute of those 6 hours to prepare The Great Escape for your arrival. When we do not have a same-day transition, we may be able to accommodate an early check-in and/or a late check-out for an additional fee---but we often cannot know for sure if this will be possible until a week or two prior to your arrival.
Yes! Check out the waiting list signup here .... But before you ask us to go on the waiting list, check out The Great Escape 2.0  - Great Escape PARKside-- it's modeled after the original Great Escape but with FIFTEEN bedrooms and some new extra game themes! It may still have availability for your dates! If both of the Great Escapes are unavailable and your dates aren't at all flexible, then we recommend checking availability at one of our "sister" properties managed by Orlando Area Luxury Rentals (just like The Great Escape!). They're unique and over-the-top as well! In fact, Travel & Leisure Magazine called The Sweet Escape House (www.sweetescapehouse.com) "...more fun than Disney World..." and HGTV featured The Ever After Estate (www.theeverafterestate.com) on "Most Outrageous Homes In America!" Check them both out if Great Escape Lakeside is unavailable for your dates!  Click Here!
You can cancel your reservation at The Great Escape up to 120 calendar days prior to your scheduled check-in date. The only penalty for doing so is a $285 cancellation fee (and any credit card fees if you used a card to make your deposit). If you cancel with 120 or fewer days until check-in, your deposit and any additional money paid would be forfeited. In most cases, purchasing a travel insurance policy will protect your deposit in the unlikely event that you get sick and need to cancel at the last minute.
Sorry! Just like any major hotel, cruise ship, or travel destination, your dates cannot be officially held with only a verbal request. Every booking requires a completed rental agreement and 30% deposit. Please understand that it simply wouldn't be fair to turn away other potential guests while your group decides whether or not to book the estate. HOWEVER, if you're SURE you want to reserve The Great Escape but simply need a little time to collect money from each person in your family/group and don't want to lose your dates in the meantime, then we DO have the option to hold your dates with a signed rental agreement and a non-refundable partial deposit of $500 (normally, your 30% deposit would be refundable if cancelled up to 60 days prior to check-in). You'll then have 14 calendar days to pay the remainder of your 30% deposit to keep your reservation.
We surely can... Click the link at the top of this screen to add yourself to the waiting list...but please know that cancellations are *extremely* uncommon. If your dates are unavailable and aren't at all flexible, then we recommend checking availability at one of our "sister" properties managed by Orlando Area Luxury Rentals (just like this one!). First try The Great Escape PARKside, it's almost like a mirror image of Great Escape Lakeside but with two extra bedrooms and some alternate themes (i.e. the Pac-Man room was changed to the MS. Pac-Man room!) Our other properties are also just unique and over-the-top as well! In fact, Travel & Leisure Magazine called The Sweet Escape House (www.sweetescapehouse.com) "...more fun than Disney World..." and HGTV featured The Ever After Estate (www.theeverafterestate.com) on "Most Outrageous Homes In America!" There's also the sports game themed Lake Louisa Chateau at www.lakelouisachateau.com
Check them all out if Great Escape Lakeside is unavailable for your dates! You can see an availability calendar for all of our "sister" estates at once by
clicking HERE!
Use the "RESERVE" link on our menu and select your dates. Enter your contact information and a short time later, we'll call and/or email you to confirm your booking and then email you a rental agreement. Initial, sign, and return the agreement with your 30% deposit  (via your choice of any major credit card, check, e-check, Zelle, wire transfer, or direct deposit)...Once you've done that, you've got an officially confirmed reservation at The Great Escape Lakeside!
There are plenty of stores and restaurants within an easy 5-10 minute drive (and two restaurants within a 2-3 minute drive or a fairly short power walk!). The Great Escape is located right outside the sprawling Orlando suburb of Clermont which has a Super Target, Kohl's, Wal-Mart, etc;--even a BJ's Warehouse! (CostCo and Sam's Club are further though--roughly a half an hour from the Estate). It's only about 35 minutes from the gates of The Great Escape to the main gate of Walt Disney World. Orlando International Airport (MCO) is about 45 minutes by car.
On a case-by-case basis, we do allow guests to bring hypoallergenic, potty-trained dogs. (In short, this means nearly any dog CAN come!) Guests are required to have their pets pre-approved. There is a $49/day fee per pet.
Yes! Two washing machines & two dryers!
The Great Escape wasn't specifically designed for wheelchair access but we've had wheelchair guests stay on site--and they've loved it! The entire downstairs can be accessed with only one step up onto the front porch but most wheelchair guests probably will not be able to go upstairs (See our floor plan to learn which attractions are upstairs and which ones are downstairs). The lower level does have two walk-in showers in the 2 master suites-- with only a minor step down to get in to either of them.

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