State-Of-The-Art Jumanji Theater

The Great Escape has a legend about how the owner's family watched the classic Robin Williams film "Jumanji" and then tried playing the game themselves the very next morning... Naively, they thought that Jumanji was "just a movie" but soon after they were done playing, the room was over-run by wild elephants & jungle vegetation...mirroring the events of the movie and transforming it into what the room has become today. As it turned out...The Game of Jumanji was indeed, very...very real and it turned this home theater into a jaw-dropping beauty!

Now YOU can enjoy Hollywood hits on DVD, Blu-Ray or via Internet streaming in the incredibly luxurious theater room that resulted from the owner's family Jumanji game session! There's great audio & video, tons of movie titles, and fully reclining luxury seats that are so comfortable some families choose to use them as extra beds! The theater even has streaming apps, Bluetooth capability, and multiple zones for audio indoors & out!

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