An enormous amount of creativity went into making sure The Great Escape Lakeside is THE most unique, diversely entertaining, and FUN house on the planet---for ALL ages. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent just on our larger-than-life games. There's the 100% teak wood formal chess floor. Nearby, you'll find a huge, in-floor piano. Children will LOVE the Giant Lite Brite Wall. ALL ages enjoy taking turns trying their hands at our life-sized version of the Classic Operation Game.

Everyone wants to try their luck at our slot machines or the 8' tall custom-built Plinko. Of course, we also house The World's (Now Second) Largest Word Search Puzzle (verified by The Guinness Book of World Records). Outdoors, there's human bowling, soccer billiards, and human foosball--to name a few! Spending your vacation at Great Escape Lakeside is an absolutely unforgettable experience unparalleled by any other home. Of course, even without any of our incredible entertainment amenities, Great Escape is still amazing just for being a 13 bedroom, 11 bathroom 10 acre lakefront Florida estate with a 40,000 gallon pool, lazy river, hot tub, and giant waterslide!

Some of The Great Escape's Larger-Than-Life Games For All Ages Include:

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These are just a few of our other amazing amenities!