The Laser Maze Bedroom (King-Sized Bed)

With the lights on, it's actually a luxurious bedroom & ensuite bath (see 360 degree panorama below) with a King-Sized bed, incredibly comfortable bedding, and a large flat screen TV. In the dark, the room transforms with the flick of a switch, into the world's first residential LASER MAZE!

Crawl under and climb over lasers...while you race against the clock to reach the finish line. "Breaking" a beam will speed up the clock --penalizing you! The lowest timed score to date is 5.9 and you'll have a ton of fun trying to beat it! There's literally $20,000+ worth of high-tech installed in this one bedroom to make it unforgettably fun!

At Orlando attractions, laser mazes cost at least $5 PER person PER play but families who stay at Great Escape enjoy hundreds of plays for no charge! Kids of ALL ages play it for hours non-stop; competing against each other and creating their own variations of the game but toddlers, parents, and grand-parents often can't seem to get enough either! When you first see the room go black and the lasers turn on, your jaw will definitely drop. Photos can't do it justice!

In addition to the laser maze, this room also features laser tag and a small version of 'laser racquetball!'

The Great Escape's laser maze was created and installed by Funovation--the company who first invented laser mazes (and has since been installing them around the world for years). Click the video to watch a basic overview of the world's first residential laser maze at Great Escape.

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