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Our 6 Star Service: Ordinary Vacation Homes Won't Treat You This Good!


From the moment you first contact us or Orlando Area Luxury Rentals (our management company), you'll be impressed by the FAST, thorough, & knowledgeable responses you receive. Right up until you arrive....all throughout your stay....and.... even after you've departed, you'll receive answers to ALL of your questions almost as fast as you ask them! Likewise, we like to get to know all about the vacation needs of our guests i.e. We'll want to know about any event you're celebrating or any special needs/considerations that your family or group may have. We specialize in accommodating even the most unique requests and will do everything we can to make your stay an unforgettable one.

Though you can certainly discuss The Great Escape by phone (407-900-3798), our preferred method of communication is via either email or text message --- as those two media enable us to continue multi-tasking and helping multiple clients simultaneously so that no one has to be kept waiting for a response.


A day or two before you arrive, an agent will contact you to answer any last minute questions and arrange to meet you on-site. Upon your arrival, you'll be given a full, detailed tour of the estate--and we'll show you how to work all of the electronics, the pool, etc;


Although you'll have The Great Escape to yourselves, we'll always be just a phone call, text message, or email away. Throughout your stay, you can contact any of our staff and expect to receive VERY fast assistance---all day and most of the evening...with the exception of VERY late night hours! (If you contact us at 3am because you can't recall how to change the input on a TV, you may* not get a response until 8 or 9 am!) Most vacation home rental managers often take a full day (or more) to answer ANY questions... but we pride tourselves on answering all questions/concerns promptly---often within minutes! If it's warranted, we can even have someone drop by for live, in-person assistance. In the event that anything stops working during your stay, we'll send repair personnel/technicians faster than any other rental home in Florida! Not only is The Great Escape Lakeside an incredibly unique home, but the level of service provided to our guests is unprecedented in the vacation home industry.


Leave something behind? Have questions about future bookings? Want to make a few suggestions? Guests of The Great Escape often become our friends for life! Once your rental is complete, you will have stayed at a very special place that we poured our own hearts into creating---with the end goal being to share THE most amazing home in the world with families & groups like your own....Thus, our assistance and fast response time don't end with your departure. We'll still always be just a quick call or text or email away---and would love to hear from you!

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