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The Royal Flush Bathroom (shown above and to the left) is part of the Casino Games Suite. Beautiful porcelain tile is complemented by a tasteful yet swanky Las Vegas 'High Roller' theme. There's a walk-in shower, separate toilet closet, and a dual-sink vanity with granite counter tops.

Like all of our luxury bathrooms, The Great Escape's Royal Flush bathroom is accented with high-end decor and incredible detail down to the very last hand towel. Extensive custom artwork is highlighted by gorgeous mouldings and marbelized columns. It's a bathroom straight out of Vegas fantasy.

The "Tunnel Of Love" bathroom adjoins the romantic Carnival Games room. It boasts waterfront lake views and a much more laid back and relaxing ambience than its Casino Games counterpart.

You can soak in the giant tub or even play an actual "fish bowl toss" carnival game while you're in it! This luxury bathroom also features extensive high-end tiling, a walk in shower, private toilet closet, and a dual vanity with granite countertops! See a full 360 tour of it here.

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