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"From the moment we arrived, I was truly amazed at the detail and imagination that went into everything! "

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Swimming pool vacation home rental near Disney and Orlando, Florida
The enormous pool has 40,000 gallons of water including a spa, lazy river, kiddy pool, & two waterslides; one huge, one small. View
Lakefront, water front vacation rental home in the Orlando, Florida area -with boating, kyaking, canoeing
Enjoy the estate's canoes, kayaks, or even our 5 person pedal boat. Oars, life vests, and fishing poles are already on site! View
  tubing and lazy rivers in Florida
Spend hours lazily floating down our river. If you're more adventurous, you can "workout" while going backwards against the current! View

Laser Maze and Laser Tag in The Orlando, FL area - at a vacation home rental!
Climb over & duck under lasers while you race against time in the world's 1st residential laser maze. There's also laser tag! View

Pac-Man video game bedroom at Florida Vacation Rental with arcade and game room
Sleep in a 360 degree Pac-Man maze! In this 1980's video game room, you'll also find Atari 2600, a full-sized Pac-Man machine & more fun nostalgia! View

Formal living room at Florida vacation home rental
Play chess using elegant pieces made from solid teak wood while in the "LIFE-ing" room lobby of the house's Jumanji Theater! View

Las Vegas Casino Games Master Suite #2 at Florida - Disney-Area Vacation Rental - with slot machines!
Play slot machines, enjoy an actual blackjack table, try your luck at a roulette wheel, and more--in the Casino Games room. View
Giant Lite Brite wall  -  Florida Vacation Rental
Remember Lite Brite? Our giant, larger-than-life Lite Brite wall entertains adults and mesmerizes children for hours on end. View
Arcades at Disney Area Florida Vacation Rental House for Reunions and Weddins and Corporate Retreats
Play stand-up arcade games, pinball machines, X-Box, Playstation, and many others not shown--in the house's various arcade areas. View

The Jumanji movie theater -- at our Florida vacation rental home
Since Great Escape is all about games, it makes sense that the movie theater would be based on the movie/game Jumanji. View

IPS inflatable light race near Orlando
Try the new 700+ square foot high-tech Inflatable Disco Light Race where you'll race against time in one of 3 challenging & competitive games! View
TV Game Show Booth at The Great Escape Lakeside near Orlando, Florida
Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, Jeopardy, & more!  Race to buzz in first while the audience watches on large monitors! View

Monopoly themed bedroom at a Central Florida luxury vacation rental
In the Monopoly Room, the closet is designed to look like "jail" and the ceiling fan blades are actually Monopoly currency! View

Scrabble bedroom at The Great Escape Lakeside - Orlando Area
Unscramble the large Scrabble tiles around the room to win a prize! Also play versions of Words With Friends, Boggle, UpWords, & More! View

CLUE Escape Room Game at Florida Luxury Vacation Rental Home Near Orlando
"Lock" yourselves in and play a 60 minute puzzle-filled ESCAPE ROOM game! A custom-made tablet app even offers CLUES as you go! View

CLUE themed Escape Room at The Great Escape Lakeside Retreat - vacation rental estate near Orlando, Florida and Disney
An incredible amount of Clue Game memorabilia is accented by the fact that this second room is part of the mystery Escape Room Game. View

Giant Operation game at The Great Escape Lakeside Retreat near Orlando, Florida and Disney
An extremely comfortable room that feels like a storybook ER! Test your surgical skills playing life-sized OPERATION and other games. View
Game room at The Great Escape Lakeside vacation rental
Play Boomerang Air Hockey. Shoot pool. There's a ton of activities going on in and around the TV Game Show Booth's lounge area. View
Quiet, serene 10 acre vacation rental near Orlando, Florida
First and foremost, The Great Escape is 10 acres of gorgeous nature. Relax in a hammock and enjoy the simplicity of nature. View
Florida waterfront vacation rental home
Priceless moments on the Jenga dock. The Great Escape is one of the few places left where you can actually still hear the sound of silence. View
Beautiful Florida vacation rental estate home for weddings, events, and more!
Therer are campfires, jogging trails, wildflowers, hammocks, & picnic tables...all against the backdrop of a gorgeous freshwater lake! View
the lakes of central florida - airbnb
In addition to kayaks and canoes, we have a fun pedal boat! Use it for a light work out or casually water stroll around the lake! View
weddings at Orlando area Florida airbnb vacation home
Do you say "I Do?" Or Do You Say "GAME ON!?"
Some couples have exchanged vows and taken the PLUNGE here! View
giant floor piano at AirBnb vacation home rental near Orlando, Florida
Play the piano with your feet! Take up our challenge to see if you can you re-enact that classic scene from the Tom Hanks movie "Big?!" View

We're Located Right Near Orlando, Florida
And Are Surrounded By The Lakes Of Clermont!

Click Here To Check The Great Escape Lakeside's Availability!

Get Your Game Face On!

These Are just a few of our OTHER amazing vacation amenities!

Play Human Foosball!

Grab hold of the sliders and use teamwork to score a goal! Read more..

Lite Up Your Family's Life!

Display your own artistic creations on our Giant Lite Brite wall! Read more..

Larger Than Life Games

Every room and closet of Great Escape provides a 360 degree interactive gaming experience. Read more..

monopoly room and other life-sized games

Classics For The Classy

Play Pac-Man on a stand-up arcade machine or enjoy classic video games on an Atari 2600 or Intellivision! Read more..

40,000 Gallons Of Fun

The huge pool features a lazy river, hot tub, and 2 waterslides - one for kids and one crazy speed slide! Read more..

Navigate A Laser Maze!

Duck under & climb over actual lasers in a high-tech race against time! The room has laser tag too! Read more..

The Real Family Feud!

Play Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, & other hit game shows LIVE in our buzzer-operated interactive studio! Read more..

No Quarters!

Enjoy classic pinball, stand-up arcade games, billiards, boomerang air hockey, X-box, PS, Wii, & more! Read more..

Your Own Night Club

Dance the night away, sing karaoke, and play high tech games in The Great Escape's family night club! Read more..

What Happens In This Room...

Play real slot machines, use a full-sized blacjack table, and more in the Casino Games/Royal Flush suite. Read more..

Solve A Mystery... To Escape!

Based on the board game CLUE, you'll have just 60 minutes to try solve a murder in this unique escape room! Read more..

Jumanji Luxury Theater

Experience our state-of-the-art Jumanji theater. Recline in luxury seats & watch Hollywood hits in comfort. Read more..

Vacation home rental near Orlando, Florida

Experience Scrabble Overload

Play the biggest hit versions of Scrabble and try to unscramble an encoded wall message! Read more..

Get Puzzled!

Challenge yourself with the World's Largest Word Search and other mind-bending puzzles. Read more..

Fishing! Canoeing! Kayaking!

Beautiful Lake Wash is quiet, serene, & filled with bass & catfish! We provide kayaks, canoes, & more! Read more..

Serenity & Nature

Explore our peaceful, natural habitat by foot or by even pedal boat. Experience tranquility across 10 acres! Read more..

Light Race Night Club!

Play one of 3 high-speed light chase games against in a giant 700 square ft inflatable disco! Read more..

This Is Soccer Billiards!

It's a huge concrete pool table in which players KICK giant soccer billiard balls into the pockets! Read more..

Musically Floored!?

Our 7' long giant floor piano will bring you back to the classic scene from the Tom Hanks movie "BIG!" Read more..

giant floor piano


Try your hand at surgery in our "Operating Room!" This gigantic "life-sized" Operation Game requires skill! Read more..

life-sized giant operation game

Copyright . All rights reserved. The Great Escape Lakeside is a private 10 Acre, 13 bedroom waterfront luxury vacation rental surrounded by the lakes of Clermont, Florida near Orlando. We have no affiliation with the makers of any games that we've used to artistically decorate our rooms. First class, SIX star service is provided to all guests during their stay. If you have ANY questions about The Great Escape Lakeside, please click here to let us know or call/text 1-407-900-3798.